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Everything Sad is Coming Untrue

by Melinda Nelson

For there will be no hope of real comfort if we do not first acknowledge that a great and perplexing gulf of grief and sorrow is present in our world and, at times, in our own lives.   One does not see God in the whirlwind without confronting the whirlwind. Douglas Mckelvey Sometimes there are […]

A May day post for Mom’s and non-Mom’s (that means you)

by Melinda Nelson

The other day, I was talking with a younger friend whose mom is now dead, but even when her mom was alive, my friend was ignored first, abused next, and eventually, abandoned. This was the woman who was supposed to nurture her. Another young woman I know, when she was 10 years old, was given […]

Chaos and the Carpe Diem Christmas

by Melinda Nelson

     As my Christmas in California draws to a close and I prepare to get on yet another plane later this week, I ponder the mysteries in the rhythm of journey and rest. Much of my life involves suitcases and travels, and in the midst of what sometimes feels like endless adjustments and transitions, I […]