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A May day post for Mom’s and non-Mom’s (that means you)

by Melinda Nelson

The other day, I was talking with a younger friend whose mom is now dead, but even when her mom was alive, my friend was ignored first, abused next, and eventually, abandoned. This was the woman who was supposed to nurture her. Another young woman I know, when she was 10 years old, was given […]

All I want for Christmas…is a bowl and spoon.

by Melinda Nelson

It’s a rare event when a Nelson newsletter circulates, so hope this is worth the wait.  We do appreciate knowing if you liked, loved, hated, cherished, appreciated or were challenged by anything in here, so please do give us feedback. You can click the following link to open the pdf file: NelsonNewYearsLetter I thank my God […]

Will History Repeat Itself?

by Melinda Nelson

Read this account from the 2nd – 4th century, and perhaps you will be as surprised as I was when what just happened in Spain when the ebola-infected nurse’s dog was killed, is seemingly a reliving of responses to a plague in the 4th Century!

The Waiting Room

by Melinda Nelson

Though voices are muted and tones are hushed,
Echoes bounce loud on these white-washed walls
Doom, gloom, messengers of fear

What is the hardest part about living overseas as a missionary?

by Melinda Nelson

The answer is easy. It has nothing to do with illness, bugs, heat, or lack of meat, lettuce, and strawberries. It is not the daily interaction with heart-breaking poverty, devastating as that is. No, we are empowered by the One who sends us, so though our hearts feel mutilated at times, we know it comes with the territory of our calling.